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Concours d’Elegance Classes

We are celebrating our 25th anniversary by showcasing over 150 of the best cars from all eras, including foreign and domestic models with special attention given to Allard, Duesenberg, Lancia and more. Concours vehicles must be accepted through the vehicle submission process to receive an exclusive invitation.

2021 Featured Classes

25 Years of Greenwich Concours
To celebrate our 25th anniversary, we’re bringing back several of our event winners, along with many of the owners who first shared them.
Ford vs. GM
From the Grand Sport to the Daytona Coupe, the rivalry between Ford and GM has generated some of the greatest cars in history. Who’s the victor? That’s for you to decide.
70 Years of Allard
Allard’s pairing of American V8 engines with light British chassis and bodies was unbeatable, as witnessed by Carroll Shelby and Zora Arkus-Duntov, who both drove Allards in the early 1950s.
100 Years of Duesenberg
While Duesenberg lasted only about 15 years, their name will forever be synonymous with high-end American luxury and race-dominating engineering.
Witness the 102-year history of Italian innovator Vincenzo Lancia’s creations, featuring Aurelia, Flaminia, Appia and many more.
100 Years of Springfield Rolls-Royce
In 1921, Rolls-Royce opened a new factory in Springfield, MA where “Springfield Ghosts” were built. Operating for 10 years, the factory produced some of the greatest cars of its time.
Right Coast Rods
Iconic, loud, fast and hot, these East Coast cars (or Right Coast Rods) feature many that have been restored or are very well-preserved roadsters and coupes from the '50s.
Vintage SUV
Glimpse the true essence of adventure and ruggedness and relive the moment you first laid eyes on an off-road vehicle.
100 Years of 3-Litre Bentley
W.O. Bentley’s original vision of “a fast car, a good car, the best in its class” stayed in production from 1921 to 1929 and won countless races, including the 24 Hours of Le Mans in 1924 and 1927.
100 Years of Moto Guzzi
The oldest European manufacturer in continuous motorcycle production was established in Italy in 1921. For many years they dominated Grand Prix motorcycle racing.
120 Years of Indian
Indian motorcycles’ reputation for reliability and speed led the brand to great success in competition racing, along with a cult following.

Full List of Classes

American Classic
American Classic Open
Antique (Pre – 1920)
Contemporary Supercar
English (Jaguar, Aston Martin)
Featured Class – 100 Years of Duesenberg
Featured Class – 25 Years of Greenwich Concours (display only)
Featured Class – 70 Years of Allard
Featured Class – 120 Years of Indian Motorcycle
Featured Class – 100 Years of Moto Guzzi
Featured Class – Lancia
Featured Class - Right Coast Rods
Featured Class – Ford vs. GM
Featured Class – Springfield Rolls-Royce
Featured Class – Vintage SUV/AWD
German (BMW, Mercedes)
German (Porsche)
International Classic Closed
International Classic Open
Italian – Ferrari
Motorcycles – American and foreign
Muscle Car/Performance
Postwar – 1950s
Postwar – 1960s
Postwar Sports/GT – American
Unrestored Preservation

The selection process

Our selection committee thoroughly reviews applications to make sure they meet Concours standards. In order to qualify, all selected vehicles must fit into one of the award classes for the year, haven’t been part of the event within the last 3 years, and has an original body and chassis. Applications will be vetted by the selection committee on a regular basis to determine who receives an exclusive invitation.